Our Core Services

Garden Maintenance

We offer Weekly, Fortnightly, 4 weekly and one-off bookings. Where we offer basic maintenance of your garden this includes mowing and edging lawns, weeding flower beds paths and patios

Hedge Maintenance

We undertake hedge maintenance but only at the correct times of year so we do not damage your hedge rows. During March we will undertake Formative pruning of evergreen hedges and in November we offer formative pruning of deciduous hedges but we offer maintenance pruning from late June through to early August

Lawn Maintenance

Throughout the year we can offer various services to keep your lawn in tip top condition. Services include scarifying, aeration, top dressing, over-seeding, grass cutting, weed and moss removal and we can also identify and treat various diseases such as fusarium, dollar spot and red thread.

Fencing, Fence and Shed Repairs

If you are after a new fence or the wind has blown part of your old one down we have the tools and skills to build, repair or replace almost any fence. Usually a lot cheaper than you think.